My students say

about me


1 year as student.

Group lessons.


I am 48 years old and I have always been a language student (English, French, Italian…)…This means that I have known many schools and teachers. That is why I feel confident to tell you that Claudia is one of the best and more inspiring language teachers I have ever met. One of the best you can imagine.


3 years as student.

Individual lessons.

Una grande professionista.

Hello everyone!! Ciao a tutti!!


I am a tourist guide in Valencia and thanks to what I learned from Claudia, today I can communicate with my tourists perfectly. It has been three intense years and I can tell you that I only quit because she moved to another city. Her lessons are fun and dynamic and most importantly, you get a total linguistic immersion in the language and while you gain knowledge of Italian culture. Claudia is hardworking and dedicated as a teacher, she puts a lot of effort and love in the preparation of her classes. I personally recommend her 100%.


3 months as student.

Individual lessons.

Claudia: un’insegnante a 5 stelle.



I took lessons with Claudia because I was going to do my Erasmus in Milano last year. I was really nervous because I didn’t have too much time to learn the language, but that problem disappeared when I met Claudia: She planned everything and I went to Milan speaking a really good Italian!! I was amazed when I saw that everyone could understand me so good! I need to say also that Claudia is an awesome person that will make sure that you are enjoying all of her lessons! She will also teach you the wonders of Italian chocolate!!!!


3 years as student.

Individual lessons.

Rimarrete super contenti.

Claudia was my Italian teacher for 3 years, until she had to leave for Maastricht. He is an excellent person in every sense: very good teaching, very patient and a great professional.


3 years as student.

Individual lessons.

Claudia: un’insegnante unica!

Since my first lesson with Claudia and after having being myself also a teacher, I knew she was unique and the one I wanted for the following months. Due to professional reasons I had to quickly learn how to negotiate in Italian so it was going to be a real challenge, but we managed. She taught me not only how to explain myself and negotiate in a proper way but also Italian culture, music, cinema, art and literature. All the subjects that could be of interest in a business conversation. Enjoying and eagerly waiting every lesson I can say that she did it the best in the less time possible. I felt in love with Italian language and all the beautiful places, people and traditions that makes Italian non only a language but also an interesting culture thanks to Claudia. That is not easy and after having several teachers I can say that not many can be able to do it!!!


6 meses como estudiante.

Individual lessons.

Molto bene.

Being her student is great,  but most importantly is amazingly effective. Her classes are fun and inspiring but also, perhaps just for that reason, extremely fruitful. Claudia hits the learning targets with accuracy and you do not even realize how much you improve your language skills. She is also gentle and very, very nice and manages to transmit her passion for her country.


1 year as student.

Individual lessons.

Claudia is a very good teacher.

I have studied Italian with Claudia in Maastricht (Netherlands). Claudia is a very good teacher, patient, easy to talk to and always in a good mood. She explains the Italian grammar in a very simple way, making it easy to understand. Her lessons are well organized, interactive and fun. I enjoyed every minute.I highly recommend taking lessons with Claudia.